Food for the Hungry
Your sponsorship through Food for the Hungry helps create long-term solutions to extreme poverty by addressing the root causes. The programs you support foster healthy relationships between sponsored children and their parents, their teachers, their peers, their environment and, most importantly, their Creator.

Food for the Hungry equips churches, community leaders and families to meet the needs of their children.

The programs you support will depend on where your sponsored child lives. The needs high in the mountains of Bolivia are very different from those in this rivers and plains of Bangladesh. Still, all sponsored children are enabled to go to school, with the following programs existing in most communities:

  • Agriculture Training
  • Clean-water projects
  • Medical Care
  • Vocational Training
  • HIV/AIDS Education
  • Church Development

You can develop a connection with your sponsored child through email and handwritten letters. You also can mail photos or stickers and you’ll get regular updates on your sponsored child’s progress.

“Since I was 18 years old I have sponsored a child. A highlight for me was to travel to Kenya on two separate occasions (the first myself, the second with my family) and meet our sponsored children. Yet my greatest joy is the fact that even today I am still able to keep in contact with my first sponsor child who is now married, with two beautiful daughters, and an incredible career. For me, sponsoring a child allows me and my family to be a part in making a child’s dream come true–because every child has a dream. Give yourself something to feel good about and sponsor a child.”
– David Bauman

Go to www.FH.org or call today 1.800.248.6437 to sponsor a child.

Food For the Hungry