With a pastor for a father, David grew up with his roots grounded in a solid Christian home. Music played a huge part in the Bauman household, especially from his father’s side of the family. At age 15, he began songwriting which led to traveling with a local gospel group called Sons of Praise. Four years later he left the group and started his solo career.

Releasing his first of many recordings at age 16, became the ultimate motivational factor for his career as a songwriter and recording artist.

He began studying the piano at age five through the Royal Conservatory of Toronto, and in college started five years of vocal training with some incredible vocal instructors in both Canada and the U.S.

Much of his songwriting is inspired through both his personal life’s experiences, family and close friends.

Being a hockey fan one of his joys was being asked to sing the American national anthem for the Dallas Stars.

As an actor he has made appearances in such films and television programs as Walker, Texas Ranger, The Riff and Servicing Sara and 4th and Goal.

His performances have taken him to over 15 different countries, including appearances on numerous television programs around the world both locally and nationally. He has had the privilege of meeting with and performing before government officials in some of these countries. David also hosted a weekly radio program in the U.S. entitled It’s Happening.

For five consecutive years, he was nominated as ‘Top Canadian Contemporary Soloist’ at the Covenant Awards.

His focus is on presenting a positive message to his audience when it comes to the reality of life. His professionalism, energy and humor is a captivating element that is evident in his performances.

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