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Looking Forward to 2013

Hey everyone,

The 2013 has begun and I am super excited about what is coming this year. We ended last year on an amazing keynote with our annual Christmas 4 Kids event. Supplying over 144 families and 450 kids with a Christmas was a highlight for me. Once again we thank Huffy Bikes for their support to the kids.

2013 has some great things in store for us. We have just released our brand new album, “Loving You.” If you haven’t already picked up your copy, I want to encourage you to do so. I literally had a blast writing and producing this album. I brought back some of the popular 80’s favorites and combined them with many of my new originals.

I have been working hard to put together our best concert/tour yet. This year plans are to tour Canada and Europe with my new CD as well as the possibility of Australia. For those who have been asking, they are also working on a New Christmas Tour the end of this year.

I have always been one to encourage people to live their dreams and work to make them a reality. As you venture into this amazing New year, challenge yourself to pick a dream and let everything within you work to fulfill that dream. During the process of fulfilling that dream, the hurdles will only make you stronger and more determined, the open doors will continue to give you a glimpse of your reward.

Making it happen,

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